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.The Podgorica marathon is looking for a partner for the future organization of this event

Athletic Racing Club "Podgorica Marathon", as a technical organizer of the Podgorica Marathon, which is organized with the support of the Athletic Federation of Montenegro, is looking for potential partners, legal or natural persons, sponsors, marketing agencies from the country and abroad. This year's 28th Podgorica Marathon is planned to be held on November 7, 2021. The Podgorica Marathon is in the Calendar of the Athletics Federation of Montenegro, the Calendar of the European Athletics Federation. Road and Road Racing Federation and the AIMS Calendar. So far, athletes from all continents of the World have participated in this event. Mass quality, competitive quality and regularity are the characteristics of this competition, so that the norms for all major competitions such as the Olympic Games, World and European Championships are recognized. met a large number of norms for these competitions.
Certainly, as a partner, the agency that already deals with the organization of such events in the country and abroad would be the most desirable. An agreement can be reached on their independent takeover and further organization of this event. We emphasize that this marathon is the main brand of Podgorica and Montenegro when it comes to such sports events and with a large number of participants. Potential interested parties for this project can get more information via e-mail Podgorica Marathon There is a possibility for various models and agreements. Please note that this event has great potential for promoting marathon running for top athletes, recreationists, children and others interested. Contact: Podgorica Marathon E-mail:
Podgorica Marathon Directorate




Winners Slađana Perunović and Dragoljub Koprivica

Traditionas Podgorica marathon was held today together with Montenegro championship for road races, half marathon and marathon for men and women. Participans from 19 coutries run marathon: Ireland, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Romania, Italia, Australia, USA, Hungary, France, Slovakia, Serbia, England, Netherland and Montenegro. Organizer was runners club „Podgorica marathon“ with aid of Athletics Federation of Montenegro, Ministry of sports and general sponsor - company „Meredian bet“. Following results were made

women: (general standing):
1. Vesna Pavlićević (Podgorica) 20:18,78,
2. Hana Efović (Podgorica) 22:59,55,
3. Anabela Mujovi (Bar) 24:05,71 (recreational):
1. Anđela Prodanović (Nikšić) 25:53,05,
2. Biljana radunović (Podgorica) 26:44,69,
3. Tamara Radunović (Podgorica) 26:44,83; (general standing):
1. Alicia Hudelson (Francuska) 38:43,16,
2. Helga Zsarnoczay (Mađarska) 42:22,02,
3. Jelena Drobnjak (Podgorica) 48:54,09;
1.Ekatarina Triputen (Rusija) 50:27,41,
2. Marija Zogović (Podgorica9 51:48,54,
3. Olivera Božanović (Podgorica) 57:10,34;

halfmarathon (general standing):
1. Dijana Stanišić (Podgorica) 1:34:43,
2. Rada Miladinović (Podgorica) 1:36:59,
3. Ana Krivokapić (Bar) 1:48:09;

halfmarathon (recreational):
1. Tamara Milošević (Srbija) 1:48:52,
2. Jelena Kumburović (Podgorica) 1:56,08,
3. Anđela Kovačević (Danilovgrad) 1:56:41;

1. Slađana Perunović (Nikšić) 3:08,24; 

men: standing):
1. Marko Dragović (Podgorica) 20:00,01,
2. Dejan Scurati (Podgorica) 20:24,82,
3. Slavo Božović (Podgorica) 21:01,83; (recreational):
1. Stefan Petričević (Cetinje) 21:02,97,
2. Andrija Joković (Podgorica) 21:23,01,
3. Miloš Radinović (Podgorica) 21:32,01; (general standing)
1. Goran Bubanja (Podgorica) 35:13,65,
2. Miloš Mikić (Podgorica) 36:09,87,
3. Erol Pepić (Gusinje) 38:34,61; (recreational):
1. Marko Đurišić (Podgorica) 40:03,54,
2. Igor Jokić (Sutomore) 43:43,05,
3. Zoran Mučalica (Nikšić) 45:10,59;

halfmarathon (general standing)
1. Genci Lugja (Albanija) 1:19:18,
2. Marko kavaja (Cetinje) 1:19:28,
3. Branislav Baltić (Mojkovac) 1:19:57;

halfmarathon (recreational)
1. Mema Gersild (Albanija) 1:32:28,
2. Nikita Kharchenko (Rusija) 1:34:05,
3. Dragan Kumburović (Podgorica) 1:37:42;

marathon (general standing)
1. Dragoljub Koprovica (Bar) 2:46:26,
2. Bob Hoogendoorn (Holandija) 3:05,16,
3. Branko Krkalović (Nikšić) 3:17:29;

marathon (recreational):
1. Hoxha Ladverim (Albanija) 3:27:36,
2. Dashamir Cali (Albanija) 3:35:21,
3. Stephen Toal (Irska) 3:35:57;

Championship Montenegro:  
junior (5000m):
1. Anabela Mujovi (Sanja) 24:05,71,
2. Darija Boričić (Budućnost) 25:13,20,
3. Tea Nikčević (Podgorički maraton) 25:19,37;

senior (5000m)
1. Vesna Pavlićević (Podgorički maraton) 20:18,78;

women (polumaraton):
1. Dijana Stanišić (Sparta) 1:34:43,
2. Rada Miladinović (Podgorički maraton) 1:36:59,

women (maraton):
1. Slađana Perunović (Nikšić) 3:08,24;

junior (10.000m)
1. Nikola Mišeljić (Sanja) 47:08,92,
2. Boško Begović (Budućnost) 55:57,83;

senior (10.000m):
1. Goran Bubanja (Sparta) 35:13,65,
2. Miloš Mikić (Sparta) 36:09,87,
3. Slavoljub Miladinović (Podgorički maraton);

men (halfmarathon):
1. Petar Drinčić (Sparta) 1:22:31,
2. Aleksa Maliković (Nikšić) 1:25:37,
3. Svetozar Stamatović (Sanja) 1:27:19;

men (maraton):
1. Dragoljub Koprivica (Mornar) 2:46:26,
2. Branko Krkalović (Nikšić) 3:17:29,
3. Nikola Vukčević (Mornar) 3:37:57.

Winners 27.Podgorickog maratona-2020

 Applications for “27. PODGORICA MARATHON” for the races 5km,10km,21km  i 42,195km are closed

All interested to participate can do on sunday from 08:00 to 08:30 in case that participans who already applied do not show up.



IMPORTANT INFORMATION - TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS for participants of the "27th Podgorica Marathon 2020"

Deadline for registration: October 31, 2020 by 20:00
Date: November 1, 2020 (Sunday)
Venue: Podgorica, Bulevar crnogorskih serdara, a 1000-meter-long circular path measured by the ASCG Commission for the issuance of certificates for roads and paths.

Disciplines (categories):

- recreational 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon in men's and women's competition,
- Championship of Montenegro (only registered athletes based on the application of athletic clubs submitted to ASCG)
- junior 5000m
- juniors 10000m
- seniors 5000m, half marathon and marathon
- seniors 10000m, half marathon and marathon
- absolute ranking in men and women at 5000m, 10000m, half marathon and marathon


- in all disciplines (categories) trophies, medals and diplomas of ASCG are awarded for I, II and III place
- in the absolute ranking of women and men for I, II and III place in the half marathon and marathon, the company "Neregelija" will award goods prizes
- The organizer will award the winner of the marathon for women and men with a cash prize

The start package contains: chip, start number, marathon bag, marathon T-shirt and upon completion of the finish line, all participants are awarded a participant medal

The starting package will be picked up on October 30 and 31, 2020 (Friday and Saturday) from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 in the premises of the Athletic Federation of Montenegro, 5 December Street No. 5 (city stadium - south tribune, II floor) and on November 1, 2020, from 07.00 to 08.00 in the reception center in the Boulevard of Montenegrin Serdars for competitors coming from the side, and previously announced with the Secretary of the Directorate of Competition Milena Mudreša.

Entry fee is paid in the amount of 5 euros for all disciplines 5000m, 10000m, half marathon and marathon for men and women

Competition schedule:

- 09.00 hours grand opening
- 09.15 hours 5000m
- 10.00 hours 10000m
- 11.10 hours half marathon and marathon

Rules of the event and epidemiological measures to protect the health of athletes and participants:

- all participants, athletes, organizers and officials are required to wear a protective mask and keep distances of 2 meters
- when picking up the starting packages and entering the ASCG premises, the competitors must keep a distance of 2 meters in the hall and only one competitor with a protective mask can enter the hall where the division will take place.
- on the day of the competition, athletes come with protective masks, wear masks until the beginning of the race for which they registered and after the end of the race they must put on masks again,
- a maximum of 100 competitors can compete in one discipline
- the presence of the audience is not allowed
- The main judge of the competition with the help of the speaker will inform all participants by disciplines about the way to start, the distance at the start and keeping the distance

There is no time limit for the 5000m and 10000m races, while for the half marathon it is 2 hours and 30 minutes, and for the marathon 5 hours.

Competitors are required to wear the start number on their chests, and at the end of the race all published results are preliminary. If the competitors-participants find an error, they are obliged to report the marathon by e-mail within 48 hours after the end of the race, and after 48 hours the results become official and will be published on the website of the Podgorica Marathon.

Measurement of results and processing will be performed in all races by a certified company from Skopje (Northern Macedonia) "Tag Timing sport events service".

The director of the Skopje Marathon, Kire Sinadinovski, with the expert team will measure and process all results in all races, and all results will be verified by the ASCG delegate with the team of athletic judges delegated by the ASCG. During the passage of each lap, the competitors will be able to check which lap they have completed and the time of passing the lap with the electronic control of measurements. Also, the people for counting the laps at the finish line will give the competitors information about the number of laps run.

There will be one refreshment station on the track, where funds will be placed to refresh and refresh the competitors during the race, and after the race, each competitor will receive a bottle of water.

Leaving things before the start and changing clothes will be possible in tents where volunteers will be kept to store things, and things will be marked with the appropriate number. The organizer does not bear any in case of disappearance or loss of any part of the equipment.

The goal will be a medical team that will provide possible medical assistance to the competitors.

The warm-up of the competitors will be done outside the track on which the competition takes place.

Winners announced:

- The announcement of the three first-place competitors in all disciplines will be done in accordance with the protocol of the award ceremony, which will be at the finish line for 5000m and 10000m immediately after the race within 10 minutes, and for half marathon and marathon races 15 minutes after races of three first-place competitors.

Complaints and objections:

All possible complaints and objections are submitted within 30 minutes from the end of the race to the Chief Judge of the competition. Complaints can be submitted by the participants themselves or by club officials orally. After the decision of the Chief Judge, if the injured party is not satisfied, within 30 minutes from the announcement of the decision, the official may file a written appeal to the Supreme Judicial Commission with a deposit of 30 euros, which is not returned to the complainant.

By registering and registering, all participants agree with the Rules of the event and by registering to participate in the races, they automatically accept all the rules stated in the Rules of the event. All Rules are binding on all participants and all participants in the competition participate at their own risk or the responsibility of the clubs that registered them for the competition. All participants in the competition will sign a statement that they agree with all the rules prescribed by the organizer.

We wish all participants a successful performance at the competition as well as good results and luck at the event ..

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for the participants of the “27th Podgorica Marathon 2020”

In addition to the absolute placement for 1,2,3, place in the races at, 10km, 21km, 42,195m, as well as for the Championship of Montenegro, the organizer will award special prizes to recreational athletes in the races at: 5km, 10km, 21km and 42,195 m
in men's and women's competition for 1,2,3 place: trophies, diplomas and medals of ASCG will be awarded with the aim to increase the number of recreational runners as well as those who will start running in Montenegro in order to encourage the entire population of young and old to they run in order to preserve their health and promote healthy lifestyles.

The director of the Skopje Marathon, Kire Sinadinovski, and his expert team will manage the time measurement and process the results at this year's "27th Podgorica Marathon", which will be held on November 1. The official results will be verified by the ASCG Delegate with the ASCG delegation of athletes.
All participants in the 5km, 10km, 21km and 42,195m races will receive, along with the starting number, special chips for measuring time, T-shirts, marathon bags, and at the end of the race a participant's medal.
Interested participants can register by e-mail: until October 30. The application should include: Name and surname, full date of birth, discipline and place.
The distribution of the starting package is scheduled for October 30 and 31 from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 in the premises of the Athletics Federation of Montenegro-street "19.decembar br.5" (City stadium - south stand - 2nd floor) and on November 1 from 07:00 to 08:00 at the start of the race in the Registration Center - Boulevard of Montenegrin Serdars.

Competition schedule:
09:00 - 5km race,
10:00 am - 10km race,
11:00 - Race at 21km and 42,195m,

The entry fee in the amount of 5 euros is paid when you pick up the starter pack.

All additional information can be obtained from the Marathon Directorate via e-mail:
Contact persons:
Competition manager: Milan Madžgalj, phone: 067-612 -057,
Secretary of the competition: Milena Mudreša, phone: 067- 218 -456




Important notice regarding "27th Podgorica marathona-2020"

All interested participants of this year's "27th Podgorica Marathon 2020" are informed that the technical organizer of the ARC "Podgorica Marathon" with the consent of the Athletic Federation of Montenegro made a decision that due to the epidemiological situation with Kovid 19 in Montenegro and the Capital City of Podgorica. which is planned to hold this manifestation on November 8th, that this year's event "27th Podgorica Marathon 2020" will be held on November 1st.

The complete event will be held in Bulevar "Crnogorskih Serdara" (location where the former City Hotel used to be) on a 1 km circular track, where the 50 km Ultramarathon Montenegro is traditionally held every year. The event is planned to hold 5 km races. 10km, half marathon 21km and marathon 42.195km as the national championship of Montenegro in road-road races. The competition schedule envisages a 5km race at 09:00, and a 10km 10:00. At 11:00 a 21km and 42,195km race are planned to start

Competitors will be able to pick up the starting numbers for these races two days before the event on October 30 and 31 in the premises of the Athletics Federation of Montenegro, street "19.decembar br.5" (City Stadium - South Tribune) at 10:00 to 14:00, as well as from 17:00 to 20:00. Start numbers can be picked up on the day of the race from 07:00 to 08:00 with mandatory announcement to the organizer the day before. Registration fee for participation in the race 5km, 10km, 21km and 42,195km is 5 euros, and participants will receive a start number, event T-shirt and a participant's medal at the end of the race. In each discipline, men's and women's competition, it is planned to announce three first-place competitors with trophies, medals and ASCG diploma. Up to 100 participants can participate in each race in accordance with the safety recommendations, which the organizer will take special care of, and measures of social distance and wearing a mask will be applied by all who participate in the organization of this event. Starting from Monday, October 12, 2020, it is necessary to re-apply via e-mail: The application should contain: Name and surname, full date of birth, place and discipline for which you are applying.

Participants who have submitted applications so far are informed that they must re-apply for this mail. So, this is the final information.

Also, participants from abroad are informed that the organizer has no obligation to provide accommodation and other costs related to their participation, but can run at their own risk in compliance with all epidemiological measures and procedures applicable to entry into Montenegro. Additional information can be obtained from the Directorate marathon via e-mail:

Contact persons:

Competition manager: Milan Madžgalj, phone: 067 612 057

Secretary of the competition: Milena Mudreša, phone: 067 218 456





- 09: 00h - Marathon start and pleasure races at 5,000m and 8,000m
- 10: 30h - Start of the Half Marathon from Danilovgrad (the bus to Danilovgrad departs at 09:15 hours from the street "Sloboda" - in front of the branch of the Hipotekarna Bank (distance from the start of the marathon 150m).
- 13:30 Announcing the winner
- 15:30 Lunch organized at the Sergije Stanic School Center (located right next to the former City Hotel) ...
- 17:00 Awarding of cash prizes for all categories at the Registration Center at the School Center "Sergije Stanic"

  Pleasure race at 5,000m and 8,000m

You can only register for the 5 and 8km pleasure race via the application link.
The starting list of registered competitors will be highlighted on the website in the START LIST section. Prize information: The first 300 competitors after placing in 5km will receive upon entering the finish medal goal that is attached to their necks and the first 300 competitors who will be registered in the order and published in the Start list when downloading the starting numbers in the Application Center will receive marathon t-shirts. We would like to inform you that all race participants receive an electronic chip, which comes with a starting number so that the time will be automatically measured for each participant and eventually published in the official results. In the 8 km race: -the first 300 competitors who cross the finish line will also receive medals and the first 300 participants who, in the order (Start list) will be highlighted in the Start list will receive marathon T-shirts. at 5 and 8km for which participants will receive medals and diplomas, while winners at 5km for men and women and 8km for men and women will receive a cup. We provide this information to let you know that there are no ambiguities and that you are informed in a timely manner so that you are informed exactly who is receiving: medals and T-shirts and awards

T-shirt “27. Podgorica marathon-2020”

Official results 26.Podgorica marathon 2019”

Results marathon

Results marathon Montenegrin competitors

Results half marathon

Results half marathon Montenegrin competitors

Results satisfaction race 8.000m

Results satisfaction race 5.000m

Results by categories


Photos from Marathon can be seen here and here



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